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Dr. Benjamin Cassalia and his experienced staff are a premier provider of orthodontic services in the greater Philadelphia area with offices located in Bucks County. He is committed to ensuring your treatment is a success by focusing on the unique needs of every patient. Dr. Cassalia utilizes the latest technology, and in addition to traditional braces systems he offers some unique invisible treatment options as well as clear ceramic brackets, hidden lingual (behind the teeth) orthodontics and clear aligners.

Orthodontic treatments impact teeth and sometimes entire facial structures. That’s why it’s important to find an orthodontist that you can trust to provide professional and personalized care.

Dr. Cassalia and his staff have provided orthodontic care for families in the suburban Philadelphia area since 1994.

Our offices offer many options when it comes to your orthodontic needs. Dr. Cassalia and his team provide orthodontic services for adults and children utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and technology. From traditional metal and ceramic (tooth-colored) braces to Invisalign and Teen Invisalign. Patients are individually evaluated to create the custom treatment plan best suited for their needs.

A beautiful smile creates more than just an attractive face. It builds self-esteem and can improve the health, structure, and functionality of teeth. Over the years, advanced techniques have afforded patients all the benefits of a beautiful smile without noticeable braces. As orthodontic techniques have advanced, Dr. Cassalia has been on the forefront of revolutionizing the way to a new smile with his Wirelign® procedure and patent pending ProWire® system. A concealed orthodontic procedure and device that is completely behind the teeth without the use of braces or removable aligners (trays). As a result, our office – in addition to providing traditional orthodontic care – has evolved into a sub-specialty of concealed orthodontic solutions to orthodontic probelems for adults and the self-conscious teen.

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Technology & Innovation

The field of orthodontics has had some extraordinary advancements in the past decade with the use of revolutionary super-elastic wires, digital scanners and x-rays, friction free bracket systems and advancements in aligner systems such as Invisalign and Teen Invisalign.

Dr. Cassalia is pleased to announce the implementation of the 3Shape TRIOS Digital Technology into his office. With the use of this cutting edge digital scanner and software, the need for traditional impressions (mouth molds) for study models and clear aligner systems has been virtually eliminated. The 3Shape TRIOS scanner creates fast and easy 3D color impressions of teeth, allowing for even more accurate record taking and effective case communications with patients.

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