Braces are the most traditional and common method of undergoing orthodontic treatment. Braces are used by an orthodontist to improve the function and appearance of your teeth and smile. The braces system is composed of individual brackets that are placed on each tooth in a very specific position. The brackets are then connected using a wire and rubber bands to move your tooth to the desired position. During the course of your treatment, Dr. Cassalia will change your wires and bands as necessary in order to move the teeth appropriately. Brackets may be adjusted during treatment if necessary to enhance the position of a particular tooth.

The goal of orthodontic treatment with braces is to straighten the teeth, but also to place them in a stable position. Successful orthodontic treatment addresses functional and aesthetic issues in order to create beautiful and healthy smiles. As an orthodontic specialist, Dr. Cassalia is trained to adjust all the minor details of your smile and bite to achieve the greatest results.


Modern advances in braces technology have provided more aesthetic options for patients of all ages. Braces come in two main variations — metal or clear.

Benefits Of Traditional Braces

• Affordable: Traditional braces typically are the most affordable option available.
• Customizable: There are many different options when it comes to your braces. Traditional metal braces are the commonly used bracket systems in which an array of colors can be used to enhance their appearance. Clear or tooth colored braces are an optional for those patients seeking a less obvious appearance when it comes to their choice of orthodontic options.