Patient Care

Our office provides all aspects of orthodontic care for your entire family. Whether its early phase I or interceptive treatment for the pre-adolescent or limited or full comprehensive treatment for the teen or adult.  In our office we utilize a variety of orthodontic techniques including but not limited to: an expander, braces, removable aligners, or our specialty procedure Wirelign®.  Our office tailors to each individual’s needs and concerns. We offer various types of treatment options that suits the individuals preference with some unique to our office .

For new patients of Dr. Cassalia, the process begins the same no matter which treatment is ultimately right for the individual; a thorough exam and consultation.

During the initial appointment patients receive a complete discussion of their medical and dental history. A range of orthodontic recommendations will be given depending on the orthodontic needs and chief complaint of the patient.

During the second visit and upon commitment for treatment, all x-rays, molds, and other diagnostic information is gathered to finalize the appropriate treatment plan for creating a healthy and beautiful smile.