Invented & Developed by Benjamin A. Cassalia, DMD, MSD

The Orthodontic System That Won’t Affect Your Lifestyle!

• Completely Invisible

• Significantly More Comfortable

• No Awkward Removable Aligners

• No Unsightly Braces

• Limited Eating Restrictions

• Little to No Compliance Required

• Speech Problems Are Nonexistent

• Quick Effective Tooth Movements

Concealed Placement

Ultra-thin super-elastic wires are placed and activated on the lingual (behind the teeth) surface of your teeth. Providing a completely invisible orthodontic experience. The relatively flat lingual surface of the anterior teeth makes this procedure possible.


The Wirelign® procedure is significantly more comfortable compared to other orthodontic systems. It is a low profile orthodontic system developed without the use of braces/brackets or removable plastic aligners. The bonding material is smoothed over the wires creating a comfortable slight extension of the tooth surface. The low profile and smooth surface makes Wirelign® & ProWire® the most comfortable orthodontic appliance available.

If You Are A Doctor & Are Interested In Providing the Wirelign® Procedure In Your Office

Invented and developed by Dr. Benjamin A. Cassalia, the Wirelign® procedure is a completely invisible orthodontic procedure that straightens the anterior teeth without the use of braces or removable aligners. It is the first lingual (behind the teeth) orthodontic treatment modality that incorporates aesthetics, efficiency, and most importantly comfort during the alignment process. This procedure can be used in a variety of clinical situations such as: minor to moderate tooth movement, relapse from previous orthodontic treatment, as an auxiliary with removable aligner systems.


In addition to the Wirelign® procedure, Dr. Cassalia also developed the patent pending ProWire® system. The ProWire® system improves treatment outcomes of the Wirelign® procedure as well as other forms of orthodontic treatment, while maintaining the same general principles of aesthetics and comfort as the Wirelign® procedure.

5 Months Treatment Time

4 Months Treatment Time

2 Months Treatment Time

5 Months Treatment Time

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